Unlock the 4 Keys to Holistic Health
Unlock the 4 Keys to Holistic Health
Unlock the 4 Keys to Holistic Health

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We support humans and organizations in developing authentic leadership and sustainable behavior

Leadership Development - Tables of Ten

Tabels of Ten

A global leadership experience for 21st century leaders

  •   Business as “a force for good”
  •   Raising emotional health
  •   Mindful practices and conscious choices
  •   Global network of leaders

“The 4 Keys to Holistic Capacity and Health™” transform humans and organizations

Holistisk kapacitet og sundhed


The 4 Keys to Holistic Capacity and Health™

  • 4 keys to unlock Holistic Capacity and Health in humans and organizations (physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).
  • 4 keys to be able to live an extraordinary life and how to unlock the full potential in humans and organizations.
  • 4 fundamental pieces in the puzzle of life – pieces that fall into place and fit together when we create integration and balance between them “ABOVE the LINE”.

The keys give access to holistic intelligence and a whole new world view. We expand our consciousness and our perspective. We become purpose driven and able to create true meaningful brands/businesses for the greater good of ourselves, our fellow human beings and our planet.

Being successful in the 21st century requires investment in VERTIKAL DEVELOPMENT

Leadership Development - Vertikal Udvikling

Vertical Development

Vertical development (development of inner leadership) is about growing both as a human being and as an organization. This is necessary in order to be able to navigate through the 21st century with ease and make conscious and sustainable choices.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”  – Aristotele

Leadership Development - Global Fellow Team

Heart2Lead are part of
Global Leadership Foundation’s Global Fellow Team

We represent Global Leadership Foundation in Danmark
– as part of their Global Leadership Fellow Team

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behavior does”

Leadership Development - Global Leadership Profile

Global Leadership Profile

The profile reveals existing emotional health level

  •   360° individual profile
  •   Team profile
  •   Organization Culture profile
  •   Individual profile (only self-assessment)

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